CDLE issues yet more rules, now confirming the need to provide a fresh 80 hours of pandemic leave starting January 1, 2021

The CDLE has issued a new batch of rules and INFO sheets #6B and #6C confirming the need, in Colorado, to issue a fresh 80 hours of pandemic leave. In other words, an employee who has used, for example, 70 of their current 80 hours, will have their remaining 10 hours zeroed out at the close of 12/31/2020, then at the beginning of 1/1/2021, they will need to have their available paid leave requirements augmented to permit a fresh 80 hours; an employee who has used 10 of their current 80 hours, will likewise have their remaining 70 hours zeroed out and be given a fresh 80 hours as well. INFO 6C explains the basis for the requirement to provide this fresh 80 hours, and INFO 6B explains the basic requirements of Colorado 48-hour and 80-hour paid leave requirements under HFWA.

Employers should consider providing all Colorado employees with a copy of the CDLE’s poster and an explanatory memo. As explained in a previous post, employers should carefully craft the language of their memo to meet the other requirements posed in the CDLE’s HFWA rules.

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