State legislatures considering sexual harassment reforms

As previously reported in this blog, Congress has already addressed sexual harassment reforms, including by implementing significant restrictions on the tax treatment and ability to keep confidential settlements and awards related to sexual harassment. Now, as state legislatures begin convening, it is expected that reform efforts related to sexual harassment will be debated at at the state level. Already proposals have been put forth in multiple states. Topics likely to be debated include the following:

  • State level restrictions on the tax treatment of settlements and awards involving sexual harassment.
  • The ability to include confidentiality clauses in settlements involving sexual harassment.
  • Enhanced training obligations.
  • Enhanced reporting procedures and protections.

It is anticipated that such debates will involve not only private workplaces but also government workplaces, and especially the state legislatures themselves as workplaces.

In Colorado, our legislature just convened its 2018 session, and already one bill is pending to enhance training requirements for early childhood providers.

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