Follow-up on new COMPS Order information from CDLE – 1 of 4

As previously discussed on this blog, the Colorado Division of Labor and Employment recently finalized its new wage order, titled COMPS Order 36. COMPS Order 36 has proven to be an overhaul of existing Colorado law, reaching many employers previously exempt from prior wage orders. The COMPS order has left many unanswered questions. In response this blog noted that the CDLE has just issued some additional information. As explained in that post, employers should review the CDLE’s summary that it emailed out regarding its new information, which email is copy-pasted into that blog post.

One item included in that email is a link to the CDLE’s own summary of COMPS Order 36. At “only” four pages, this summary is an easy to read introduction to this new law, which all employers should take time to review before to note is that the CDLE has now provided its COMPS Order 36 poster, which is to be used in complying with Rule 7.4 of the new order. That Rule 7.4 provides, as follows:

7.4 Posting and Distribution Requirements.

7.4.1 Posting. Every employer subject to the COMPS Order must display a COMPS Order poster published by the Division in an area frequented by employees where it may be easily read during the work day. If the work site or other conditions make a physical posting impractical (including private residences employing only one worker, and certain entirely outdoor worksites lacking an indoor area), the employer shall provide a copy of the COMPS Order or poster to each employee within his or her first month of employment, and shall make it available to employees upon request. An employer that does not comply with the above requirements of this paragraph shall be ineligible for any employee-specific
credits, deductions, or exemptions in the COMPS Order, but shall remain eligible for employer- or industry-wide exemptions, such as exempting an entire employer or industry from any overtime or meal/rest period requirements in Rules 4-5.
7.4.2 Distribution. Every employer publishing or distributing to employees any handbook, manual, or written or posted policies shall include a copy of the COMPS Order, or a COMPS Order poster published by the Division, with any such handbook, manual, or policies. Every employer that requires employees to sign any handbook, manual, or policy shall, at the same time or promptly thereafter, include a copy of the COMPS Order, or a COMPS Order poster published by the Division, and have the employee sign an acknowledgement of being provided the COMPS Order or the COMPS Order poster.

7.4.3 Translation. Employers with any employees with limited English language ability shall:
(A) use a Spanish-language version of the COMPS Order and poster published by the Division, if the employee(s) in question speak Spanish; or
(B) contact the Division to request that the Division, if possible, provide a version of the COMPS Order and poster in another language that any employee(s) need.

Employers are reminded that, while the much-discussed overtime provisions of COMPS Order 36, Rule 7.4 suggests it will take effect on the COMPS Order’s own effective date of March 16, 2020. Employers should consider therefore complying by posting, distributing and obtaining signed acknowledgement pages for the COMPS Order in its entirety or just the poster, and to do so in English or such other language, including Spanish, as employees “with limited English language ability” may speak.


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