Wondering why the new coronavirus-related unemployment compensation (CARES Act unemployment benefits) are taking so long?

Visitors to Colorado’s unemployment page at the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment will see this update regarding the status of the new coronavirus-related unemployment benefits that will be available under the CARES Act:

Update as of April 12, 2020: We are still programming our systems to begin accepting claims for workers who are eligible for benefits related to the CARES Act, including those who are self-employed (retroactive as far back as February 2 or when your work stopped as a direct result of COVID-19). Programming is also underway for the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation, which is $600/week additional benefit (retroactive to March 29). Claimants DO NOT need to take action for the additional $600 benefit. Benefits will be retroactive and eligible claimants will not lose benefits while you wait to file a claim. We appreciate your understanding.

If you are a traditional employee or pay premiums for your own wages, and are not working or had your hours reduced,  file a regular unemployment claim:

  • If your last name begins with a letter from A to M: Please file your unemployment claim on a Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, or after 12 noon on Saturday.
  • If your last name begins with a letter from N to Z: Please file your unemployment claim on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or before 12 noon on Saturday.

The CDLE should be commended for at least providing this update, and note it did so over the weekend on Easter Sunday. Indeed the CDLE reports it has on-boarded many new workers to process these payments and is working long hours to make it possible.

Readers who are curious, even frustrated, that it is taking so long may be interested in this article just published by Bloomberg BNA detailing some of the technical, legal, security and practical issues that each of the various states is facing as they all try to find ways to use systems that were never designed for this volume or type of payment, to accommodate this new federal program.


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