BREAKING NEWS: Gov. Polis orders in-person Colorado workforce reduction of 50% – Denver Business Journal

The Governor’s order is not yet available, but the Denver Business Journal is reporting that “The order does not apply to critical, 24-hour businesses like health care, manufacturing, agriculture and public services such as trash collection and mail delivery.” In his press conference Governor Polis stated verbally the order will take effect Tuesday March 24, 2020 and that “If you can ensure no employees are closer from (sic, than) six feet from one another during the work day, you can continue.” The order will expire April 10, 2020 11:59 PM.


UPDATE 3-23-2020: The order is now available, as is a FAQ from the Governor’s office.

The order’s operative language, including an explanation of the possible exemption for employers that can certify 6′-distancing is, as follows:

The executive order directs all employers to implement tele-work options to the greatest extent possible. If tele-work is not practical or possible, employers are encouraged to stagger work schedules to reduce the proximity of employees during work hours and to keep employees on payroll. This Executive Order does not apply to any employer that can certify that employees are no closer than six feet from one another during any part of their work hours.

The FAQ provides further explanation as to the industries that are exempt from the order. Exempt industries include defense contractors, oil and gas production companies, construction companies, and a variety of other industries such as groceries, pharmacies, healthcare, law enforcement, etc. The FAQ also suggests that “Planes and any other form of travel should only be used for essential purposes.

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