DOL issues preliminary Q&A re new coronavirus sick and FMLA leave rights

The DOL has issued a preliminary Q&A on the newly mandated coronavirus-related sick- and FMLA-leave rights. The Q&A answers some but not all of the questions previously raised to DOL. Highlights of the Q&A include the following:

  • The effective date of this new Act will now be April 1, 2020 (moved up from the initial tentative date of no later than April 2, 2020).
  • How employees should be counted for the purpose of determining if a company falls into the exemption for large companies (employing 500 or more), including how to count for related companies (including affiliates) and possible joint employer relationships.
  • How the new coronavirus sick leave hours should be counted for part-time workers.
  • How much sick leave should be paid for workers who would, otherwise, have worked overtime.
  • How employees who qualify for both the new coronavirus sick-leave and the new coronavirus paid FMLA-leave should be paid.
  • The DOL’s interpretation that paid leave provided prior to the new Act’s effective date (now, April 1, 2020) does not count towards these new requirements.
  • How to count the 30-day eligibility period for new hires re the new coronavirus FMLA-leave law.

The DOL advises that regulations will be forthcoming as may be additional guidance.

For brevity’s sake, the DOL’s analysis of these, and the other topics it addresses, are not restated here. Rather employers are encouraged to immediately review the DOL’s Q&A in full.

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